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My Chemotheropy Time Line

Jan – Feb 2017

I finally passed my heart test with a 59% EF The highest ever. A new heart doctor ran all kinds of test to see if there were any other complications. Then put  me on three different medications. Which I struggle to take. I’m sure they help but after the chemo overdose I really just needed he time to recuperate.

My latest pet scan showed some good and bad news. I’ll start with the bad. There are two new hot spots and after the MRI it confirmed the cancer is spreading in the bones. One on the spine T2 and the other located directly parallel on the left clavicle.   I’m on the fence on whether or not radiation on my spine should be a go. Once they perform radiation they cannot go back. The radiation I received on my lower back left me with a very large scar and constant pain. I do wish the chemo would take care of it.

The good news is that the cancer through my body is somewhat stabilized and several lesions in my liver are completely gone… disappeared.  This news has brought me great hope as if nothing is impossible.

After a conversation with the Radiologist I opted for radiation on my left shoulder. Just prior to my start date the Radiologist decided that the spine T2 was more of an urgency and needed treatment. The  facility was not equipped with the more precision radiation equipment but the Department of Radiation Oncology at the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center URMC / Radiation Oncology was. So off I journey to new doctors and their associates. At this point the number of doctors and associates maybe larger than my family. And I have a large family. I learned from my new radiologist that it was the same equipment as the so called Cyber Knife at the HOA in Syracuse. It had a name of its own but even today as I am writing this I still cannot remember its name. I did recall asking why such an unmemorable name the reply was that its marketing division was not as cleverly aggressive.

It was just prior to my start date for radiation when as I was walking through my home, the right side of my body became extremely heavy and I fell onto a chair at the  kitchen table. My right arm was paralyzed. A most frightening moment, loosing total control, and the weight was like a ton of bricks I surly could not pick up. There my arm laid on the table totally lifeless. It slowly passed in no more than one maybe two minutes but felt like many.

After my next meeting I was warned I could be paralyzed with or without radiation. It was then I realized how seriously close the cancer was to a total disablement. The short periods of being paralyzed continued through my week of radiation treatments to the T2.  It was about one week after treatments I noticed  it was  no longer an issue.
Two weeks later I received radiation to my shoulder. This time they used the B team a with the less precise radiation equipment. The cancer as of today is no longer on the T2 and the left shoulder has shrunk but not completely. The shoulder  is still painful and my entire back is ridiculously weak. I feel like an old lady. Ugg. But I’m still here.

The other day I was handed a read on the Mexico Cancer Centers and the success of healed cancer victims from America.  It was very interesting and I’m definitely looking into more information. It states up front that only 2% of Stage IV cancer victims on America make it to five years. Now I’m in my sixth year. As I read through the book I realized, my inquiry of why and what makes the cancer to grow out of control is the first step and then solving it with diet and daily vitamins that balance the issuse is also one of the Mexico Cancer Centers philosophy. They also promote a few very unique added cures. One of them is that they heat your body temperature up to 104 plus degrees, which is to kill cancer cells and then infuse a controlled food grade hydrogen peroxide into the blood which most likely disperse and/or dissolves the dead cancer cells. It sounds simple so why do we not do here in America? Not approved. Personally I cannot  afford the experience to Mexico ($25,000 to $40,000 for treatment cost). Which ironically my insurance pays far more in a two month period. I donnot need to say more.

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