... Living on chemo will change your life ... A few simple solutions will help keep life more normal and less stressed...

Chemo Life Solution

Cheryl SchoonmakerHi, my name is Cheryl. I have metastatic cancer and live on chemotherapy. I am constantly looking for better solutions to soften the chemo side effects without compromising the chemo. There are many types of chemo used for many types of cancer. Some are stronger than others and /or they are administered in stronger doses. Some patients require many types of chemotherapies to cure one or more types of cancer. I have had several types of chemo on my journey and my doctors are adding more. So I would like to share the solutions that have helped me through the tough days. I will update frequently, so please do come back and check the site out again.
Update 5/2017

Now on my 6th year living on chemotherapy....

2012-2013 Journey Begins...
2014 ER, ER...
2015 Heart Dilemma..
2016 Make Some Changes...
2017 Chasing Cancer...

Side Effects

Nausea: When they give you chemo they now include ... My Solutions Learn More
Heavy body: This is one area I still have difficulties with, but...My Solutions Learn More
Hair Loss and Gray Hair. This has its good points and bad ... My Solutions Learn More
Shortness of Breath: This is a condition that usually is a side effect of many medications and pain associations. My Solutions. Learn more
Dehydration:The very first designed solution for dehydration was.. My Solutions Learn More
Neurological issues Cancer and radiation side effects can cause nerve pain... My Solutions Learn More
Diarrhea and Constipation: Many patients experience extreme diarrhea and constipation from chemo. Learn More
Weight loss ... Add cream and or butter to your soups and cooked vegetables. Salt water rinse will help clear your taste buds to encourage food intake... Learn More
Neutropenia: a low white blood count is a common complication. Chemo destroys good cells... Learn More

Natural Pain Relief

Custom mixing of different herbed teas can diffuse whatever is ailing you and be quite refreshing at the same time.

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Low On Vitamins

Orgain is loaded with vitamins, natural nutrient and a great taste that keeps me on their customer list.

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Smoothies & Juicing

Try a frozen smoothie made of your favorite fruit. Not only does it taste refreshing it full of healthy nutrients.  

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